At the British Library I can search sources in the:






Ecclesiastical returns to baptisms, marriages and burials in India;


Cemeteries and monumental inscriptions in India;


Wills proved in India, administrations and inventories;


East India Company staff records;


East India Company Armies - officers and other ranks;


East India Military Academy, Addiscombe;


East India Company Medical and Veterinary Officers;


East India Company Mercantile Marine service - officers, other ranks limited information (depends on date), ships' voyages, the Poplar Fund;


Indian railway employees;


Directories relating to the Presidencies of Bombay, Bengal and Madras;


Newspapers published in India (unindexed);


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"Fantastic. Thank you so much. You have made my wife's day. She is so pleased that finally she has been able to have a sense of completion in her mother's history."  RN, Cumbria, UK (May 2016)


Has your family history research uncovered a reference to a family member in India during the 18th, 19th or early 20thC? Do you need help to discover more?


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For records relating to British army service in India: the majority of records are at the National Archives, Kew:


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Newspaper searches (London districts and all England; local and national newspapers available.  Some international newspapers available.)


19thC-20thC journals, periodicals, comics.


19thC-20thC illustrators, cartoons, cartoonists.


Original volumes listed in the British Library catalogues.


GRO indexes to births, marriages and deaths in England & Wales.  GRO indexes to overseas births, marriages and deaths, including military.  GRO indexes to recent deaths in England & Wales - please enquire .


Stationers' Company records.


Electoral registers (all England) - please enquire .


Monumental inscriptions (gravestone inscriptions) - London burial grounds and English churchyards as available - please enquire .  (Many more available in the Society of Genealogists' Library - please enquire .)


Assistance with research projects provided to authors, students, university departments and historians- please enquire.


For any other research at the British Library, please contact me with details of your enquiry.