(feedback reproduced with clients' kind permission):


“I just wanted to thank you for your efforts in finding and collating all the fantastic information regarding my grandfather. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and I'm very grateful for all the time you have dedicated to this project (grandfather’s Merchant Navy service).  I will certainly recommend you to anyone who needs similar help!”  CR, (Wirral, Merseyside) (Jun 2022)


“Thank you very much, Patricia, for a very efficient and professional job. Best wishes from a very satisfied customer.“ CO, Belfast, N Ireland  (Jan 2022)


“On behalf of the family I would like to thank you very very much for your research and hard work. The information you have sent us is much more than we thought and of course the photos are a bonus. You must love what you do.” PB, New York, USA (Dec 2021)


“Thank you for your diligent and comprehensive research along with the presentation of findings.”  JL, Carmarthenshire, Wales  (Dec 2021)


“I am absolutely beaming at this. My goodness, fantastic! This ties absolutely everything together. Really appreciate you doing this Patricia. As I said, this is above and beyond …. and wonderful!”  CH, Ulster, N Ireland (Jul 2021)


“Thank you so much!  Your work is fantastic!"  HC, New York, USA (Jun 2021)


“I would love to have you do further research for me. You are by far the most professional researcher with which I have interacted and have been a pleasure to deal with."  MM, Texas, USA (Jun 2021)

"Attached please find my completed biography of Josef Hassid.  I am deeply indebted to you.  You are a major factor in its success.  You excelled. Thank you."  GS, California, USA (Jan 2020)


“Thank you so much for the photos and report and the invaluable advice also. I will not hesitate to ask you for further research requests in the future, as you really have been wonderful.  We do have more we need to research, so I am sure I will be in touch again next year.”  JA, Auckland, New Zealand (Dec 2019)


“Many thanks for your report together with the file of photos with which I am very pleased.  Your comprehensive search has answered all of the questions about my uncle which had remained the subject of family debate. We now know that he was aboard the "....merchant ship..." when it was captured in 1941.  Thank you also for sending me your completed report on the capsizing of “...another merchant ship...” on which my uncle was a crew member.  This has now cleared up another ‘grey’ episode in my family’s history, the details of which many of us were totally unaware.”  RH, Newport, Wales (Nov 2019)


"Thank you so much for your email yesterday, I'm sorry it has taken so long to reply to you, I lost myself in the diaries and spent most of the night poring over every word.  The mention of my Grandfather was fantastic to read.  I am indebted to your hard work and diligence in this research and I will always remain hugely grateful.  I would very much like to visit Monte Cassino myself and, having visited the WW1 battlefields of Northern France several years ago, I can only agree that the significant human sacrifice of these conflicts is very moving.  My sincere thanks again." JW, Hampshire, UK (Jul 2019)


"I have reviewed all your recent work. It’s great. I thank you for your help throughout. If all continues to go well I hope to complete my book before year end."  GS, California, USA (Jun 2019)  


“Although I won’t have a chance to look through it all for a couple of days I have downloaded everything, and goodness you've been busy - I really feel I’m getting my money’s worth! Thank you - brilliant."  JE, Hertfordshire, UK (Apr 2019)


“I appreciate more and more the research you have done on .......'s time as a Royal Artillery Driver and later with 76th Regiment of Foot.  As I am compiling the information for his story I am grateful for your expertise and methodical reports that you have sent me.”  KV, Ontario, Canada (Apr 2019)


“I am so grateful to you, so impressed, and also a little overwhelmed at the breadth of what you have provided to me and my family.  It far surpasses anything I had expected.  I have had no trouble downloading the photos.  Thank you again so much.  I did very much appreciate the report and appendix you attached, because they have helped me to navigate and understand all the rest!”  PWL, Nebraska, USA  (Jan 2019)


“Thanks so much for the detailed report. I can’t believe you accomplished so much in such a small time. I’m amazed and blown away by the results” (of a search for grandfather’s Merchant Navy WW2 service and experiences)  DB, Norfolk, UK (Dec 2018)


"Thank you SO much for this thorough report and the photos. I was not holding out a lot of hope that you would find his place of birth in the army pay lists so was very pleased to see that you did find it. Having this new information with which to work will make a great difference in my search for him, I'm sure. I appreciate your efforts and would certainly recommend you for research.”  SB, Alberta, Canada (Oct 2018)


"Thank you so much. What a treasure trove of information you found!

I have spent the last few days going through all the documents and photos! I am really thrilled with what you have been able to locate. I have spotted my grandfather in about four photos. How fortunate for me that the company commander decided to use a photographer to record his Home Guard Battalion 1940-1944 and to make a commemorative album. 

The two avenues of research you have done for me complement each other so nicely. The detailed plans of the enemy plane, bomb impact and damage on the factory and the more human aspect of the men of the Home Guard.

The most poignant discovery for me was the record of the Civilian War Dead Certificate - Death due to War Operations in which I could discover at what time my grandfather’s body was found and who identified him. I really thought these details were lost to time and while they don’t change the tragedy of it all they help me decipher a time line of events and enable my father to  know all the details. 

Thank you especially on behalf of my father, we are very happy to have pursued the quest for family history, and your help has been invaluable.  

I am happy to recommend your “detective” like abilities without hesitation.”  MC, Switzerland (Sept 2018)


"I would like to thank you so much for your concerns and unprecedented help.  Thanks to you and the samples you helped me with, I got to finally finish my thesis.  Your professionalism and understanding as to what I exactly needed were a huge added value to my work.  I will sure be in touch for any further work."  AM, Giza, Egypt (Sept 2018)


"I have got all the photos already, the photo quality is very good and the contents fulfil my research project very well. Many thanks for your very kind assistance."  PC, Thailand (Sept 2018)


“Thank you so much for the information you have been able to source for me. 

It’s totally fascinating as now I know what the factory was producing and my grandfather’s role in the war effort. The detail the Home Office went into documenting damage and delay to possible production was staggering. Brief mention to those who died. An emotional thing reading through the pages linked to the grandfather I never knew. 

It was thrilling to see photos taken at the time and I’m amazed that a house down the street in which my father lived  was bombed too (something he didn’t remember!).

Many many thanks. My father will be so pleased to know more about the father he lost when he was so young.”  (MC, Switzerland, Jun 2018)


"Many thanks for the great work thus far, it is greatly appreciated and you did find plenty of relevant pieces.  It really is a great service."  CH, Dublin, Ireland (Jun 2018)


"Once again thank you for your devoted searches and I am very pleased with your efforts.   I would like you to continue work on this project."  LE, Attica, Greece (Jun 2018)


"Thank you very much for your efforts on my behalf. I’m delighted with the result. All I wanted and a lot more besides. This is one very satisfied customer!"  JH, Inverness, UK (May 2018)


"Thank you so much!  Your work is incredibly thorough and detailed. I'm so pleased to be able to verify my theory and determine his presence in France with the Royal Corps of Sappers & Miners during 1816-1818."  JG, Ohio, USA (Apr 2018)


“I wanted to say that the cousin we visited in Ottawa after New Year for his 100th birthday passed away at the beginning of February. He made his big day surrounded by relatives, my husband and myself included.  A birthday present from us was a revised story of ……………………….  using all the information you’ve found for us.  We knew he wouldn’t be around forever so it really worked well to do so much searching with you last year.  Thank you for making his send off a great one!

Our own curiosity about the family hasn’t abated, and we will carry on trying to flesh out their military service.  In short, thanks for all you’ve done uncovering our family story!”  MM, Nebraska, USA (Feb 2018)


 “You have been a great help to me in the past when tracing apprenticeship papers for brothers who lived in the Central London Schools District school at Norwood (search completed 2011). Many thanks for interesting research on my part.  You have filled in many gaps and broken down several brick walls.

There was another brother for whom you could find no discharge from Norwood.  I have found a boy with the same name in Hanwell School (also a Central London Schools District school).  Could you find out how he was discharged from Hanwell?  (Search of records of Central London Schools District school at Hanwell and poor relief records completed Jan 2018.)  Again, thank you so much for your wonderful research.”   BC, Victoria, Australia (Jan 2018)


"It is a great pleasure to work with you and thank you for your efficient reports and services."  MC, Norfolk, UK (Dec 2017)


“Thank-you very much your parcel arrived yesterday I have had a quick look and will work through them all not sure I will use them as bed time reading though all rather gruesome and brilliant to see drawings of him (newspaper search for reports relating to a 19thC murder trial).  So thank-you once again plenty to keep me going from this month’s research.”  SK, Essex, UK (Dec 2017)


“The transcription of those three Wills are wonderful and have help me clarify quite a number of little bits that I think adds to the understanding of who, where, what and when these people were alive – and their relatives. Somehow in the past I have failed to understand how one can find, for example, the names of a couple’s children.  Must use Wills more assiduously.  Your transcription of the associated legal document is absolutely fantastic and thank you for all your hard work.”  MB, London (Dec 2017)


"I wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent service I have received from you. I wasn't confident in reaching out to a researcher but I am very impressed and can't praise you enough.

Your prompt and respectful responses have been welcomed. Everything about your work is exceptional.

The way you have approached the research is extremely professional and efficient.

Presentation of reports have been detailed and methodical. I am grateful for your endeavours.

Dad thinks you are a champion. He was elated. The article you found is the one he remembers seeing before he left England in 1948. This is his family the newspaper article is talking about.

It has been a pleasure to have had contact with you.  

I wouldn't have any hesitation in asking for your help in the future or recommending you to others."  

LR, Tasmania, Australia (Jul 2017)


"Thank you very much for your latest search. I received the package in the post today. It has a great deal of information in it. Only wish my grand dad had a similar amount. 

MJ is indeed a relation, uncle to my dad. It was common in the old days for a first tripper to go to sea with someone they knew. MJ himself went to sea with his dad, my great grand dad.  I didn't know about my dad being on that ship as his first one. The "......" Ship's Log and crew list was very interesting."  MJ, Shetland Isles, UK (Jun 2017)


"Thank you very much for these will transcriptions, most helpful.  I think I will have a couple more Wills but not quite yet.  I will be back in touch once a little further advanced."  AT, London (Apr 2017)


"We are just elated that you were able to find him in two lists!  Very exciting — great photos, too. Looking at records that are 200 years old is so amazing in itself.

Now I’ve had a chance to go over your report in detail and want to thank you for such a thorough job and interesting report on the contents of the rolls.  We very much appreciate your suggestions of possibilities in other records. 

Thanks again — this sure made my day, and the next couple of days!!"  MM, Nebraska, USA (Feb 2017)


“Information and detailed report received safely.  I can see it will take a few hours to digest it all.  Thank you for carrying out the work and producing the report so quickly.”  DH, Hampshire, UK (Dec 2016)


“Thank you for all the work you have done regarding my family of stockbrokers.”  TG, B.C., Canada (Dec 2016)  


“You may remember that you were very helpful to me when I contacted you re my research.  This seems like a good moment to renew my appreciation of your kind and excellent help. Thank you!”  DM, Cheshire, UK (Dec 2016)


“Once again I cannot thank you enough for all you have done.  The work you have done was truly amazing and to see all the time you spent trawling through records, translated into the expression on my mother's face when she saw …………………………’s photograph was just wonderful.  She recognized him instantly as the evader her family had sheltered and then we phoned his daughter. They had a very nice and sometimes emotional conversation.

What a lovely lady and what an amazing father, who it appears was a serial escapee.  I still find it incredible how she described how each time he escaped he went back to fight again. We had a long chat and have agreed that she is going to try to get as many documents and photos together as she can and we will then meet up.

None of this would have been possible without your efforts for which I am immensely grateful.

Thank you again, and if you would like to use this as a reference for further clients I would be delighted.”  

RN, Cumbria, UK (Mar 2016)


“Thank you very much for all the research you have carried out on our behalf. We very much appreciate the help you have given us. We really appreciate the professional way you have tackled our queries and your prompt replies. We will continue to work on our tree and would certainly not hesitate to contact you again for help.”  TB, Dorset, UK (Feb 2016)


“Thank you very much for all your excellent  research and clear reports. It has laid to rest what I now understand to be a misunderstanding at some point in the past. I will certainly keep your details as there is one further individual that I want to research in due course.  Again many thanks for a very prompt and efficient service.”  CW, Scotland (Jan 2016)


"I would like to thank you for all your hard work and dedication whilst researching the history of our house.  I received the report today and am over the moon with it so thank you!"  SR, Sussex, UK (Dec 2015)


"Thank you for this highly professional report.  You seem to have nailed the point at which R…….. took over as the ratepayer and that’s the crucial bit of information I needed.  Thank you once again for your help and advice. This kind of outsourced research is new to me and you have made it very easy and productive."   BJ, Herefordshire, UK (Oct 2015)


"Thank you for your quick reply. I am glad you were able to pick up the details of my previous request so easily as I realised after sending the email that you are probably dealing with numerous clients and it had been a considerable time since our last contact.  I was very impressed with your work and report last year which were both extremely well presented and very detailed and this is why I have asked for your help again."  LF, Victoria, Australia (Sept 2015) 


“Thank you so much for sending all of this through and especially for taking such clear photos. I've just enjoyed reading through the records that you photographed - there's nothing quite like looking at original documents! They're a fascinating read and help me build a better picture of her life. It is highly likely that the 'Mrs -------' mentioned is her mother, which is interesting to note too as I have very little information about her life to-date.  Many thanks again for all of your hard work - I really appreciate it.” CF, Wellington, New Zealand (Jun 2015)


“Thank you for providing such a useful report.  Your photographs are, once again, simply excellent.   Thank you so much for those significant findings of apprenticeship records for both boys.  That is just fantastic!  I really am most grateful to you, Patricia, for your prompt attention and continuing assistance and also for producing such beautifully clear images.”   CC, NSW, Australia (May 2015)

“I am thoroughly impressed with the search you've completed.  You are so well organized and meticulous.  There was a huge amount of work you did for this project.  Thank you so much!  I have read and re-read everything and some questions have been answered and others are still a mystery.” RC, Michigan, USA (Nov 2014) 


“Thanks for email received yesterday - which has completely bowled me over - how on earth do you do it?  It contains something of a bombshell - something I searched for for a long time and never found - I was clearly looking in quite the wrong places.”  JE, Herts, UK (Aug 2014)


“Everything came through perfect. It is fantastic what you found. My 85 year old Dad is delighted we are making progress.“ JT, Dunedin, New Zealand (Apr 2014)


“Our family thanks you for all the history you have unearthed relating to my grandfather. Thank you so much for the disc of photos. I have now looked at them all and printed off the relevant documents.” JM, Surrey, UK (Mar 2014) 


"I am delighted with the results of all your research and will be confident going forward that I have the correct parents. Once again, I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and for the interesting information you have provided.” JA, Middlesex, UK (Mar 2014)


“Very many thanks for your email and attachments. These are very informative and my sincerest thanks for all your kind work on this. I just wanted to check England as a possible source and it was worth a go. I am, as always, very impressed with your work for me. I keep singing your praises here to anyone who is interested in Genealogy.” MW, Dublin, Ireland (Nov 2013)


"You have CRACKED it!  What a fantastic research result.  All the early boys of the marriage to 1805 are now identified to their dates of birth and it is confirmed there were 6 children under the age of 14 at that time.  And if this isn't a bonus, their father has now been fleshed out with not only his marriage date (marriage since found) but also his livery company.  You really are an exceptional researcher and have added enormously to my not only knowing my ancestry but also to the period and lives they lived."  GC, NSW, Australia (Nov 2013)


"My mother loved her gift, she got very emotional and said she would treasure it forever.  Thank you again for all your assistance."

JG, Manchester, UK (Nov 2013)


“It has been a pleasure to correspond with yourself and I have learnt a great deal from you in respect of how to logically look at researching family history.  I will definitely be back in contact if I find Surrey family origins again.” 

JH, Somerset, UK (May 2013)


"You did some research for me last year (2012).  You did a brilliant job."  Further search completed 2013:  "Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.  It is definitely my ....... as the birth date fits.  I appreciate your excellent service." 

BC, Victoria, Australia (Mar 2013)


"Thank you for e-mailing the details of the inquest last week and for your help in getting to the bottom of this.  Thank you so much for transcribing these documents.  I am extremely happy with the services you have provided and am now confident I can draw a line under this one.  It was 13 years ago that I ordered the first death certificate, expecting it to be the correct one but of course it wasn't.  That's how long I have been trying to find out about her." 

CU, Somerset, UK (Jan 2013)

"Thanks for your most recent report. More great work!  I really appreciate the way you clearly explain the findings, it helps a lot.  I found  (photos sent by e-mail via) “You Send It” very straight forward, and easy to use. I saved the images to my laptop as soon as I opened them to ensure that I didn't have problems later." 

RD, ACT, Australia (Dec 2012)


"I received your report and sent a letter to .......... as you advised.  I was pleasantly surprised to receive an e-mail from her 5 days later! We have been e-mailing each other and have spoken over the telephone and have exchanged Christmas cards. So a happy ending, or beginning I should say.  Many many thanks for all your help." 

BM, Dublin, Eire (Dec 2012)


"Thank you for your e-mail and for the research you have done.  It has been a lot of information to digest and made for fascinating reading as well as being profoundly helpful.  I am delighted that you found her month of death and I have now ordered the GRO certificate.  Some of what you uncovered is tying in well with other things."  

CU, Somerset, UK (Dec 2012)


"Outstanding! It's always great to get some concrete findings. And it all fits in to the known history so well." 

RD, ACT, Australia (Sept 2012)


"Again thanks heaps for all you have done for me over the past few months.  The results have been far better than I had imagined or hoped for." 

YC, Queensland, Australia (Aug 2012)


"We are absolutely delighted with what you managed to track down for us as we had none of this information before". 

LD, Queensland, Australia (Jul 2012)


"Thank you so much for this – and for all your kind efforts. You seem to have gone more than ‘the extra mile’ and I’m grateful. Thanks, again, Patricia, you have been a pleasure to deal with." 

RT, Kent, UK (Feb 2012)

“Have read through the reports you sent me - very happy with them.  Thanks for the service you have done for me -am very satisfied with the results obtained." 

JHL, Spain (Feb 2012)

“I would like to thank you very much for the outstanding effort you have made to help me trace the various branches of my family throughout the year. I have really appreciated your efforts to find new material and to think laterally about other possibly relevant material rather than just locating the minimum.”

AW, Victoria, Australia (Dec 2011)


“I was thrilled to receive your email with the news about ……..’s grave. I knew it had to be there somewhere even if sadly forgotten and neglected …… so much is possible if you can just get the right person who has enthusiasm and initiative.”

LE, NSW, Australia (Nov 2011)


“You are amazing!  Thank you so much for your patience and continuing detective work. ”

LA, NSW, Australia (Mar 2011)


“Thank you so much for all your hard work.  I have as you suggested sent a letter to …, and will keep my fingers crossed.  Once again you have given us a lot of hope, and we will do as you have suggested.  You really have done a magnificent job.”  CH, UK (Jan 2006)......&..   “I have pleasure in attaching a photo of the first reunion in August 2006.  There were 26 of us there that day.  It was wonderful and Mum is now in correspondence and phone contact with them.  What with the reunion and another one coming up at the end of September, life has been somewhat hectic lately”  CH, UK   (Sept 2006)